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Mobile app development

At TouchTribe we have a team of highly skilled native developers who can build awesome apps for every thinkable platform (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, etc.).

Front-end development

In a world rapidly shifting from desktop to mobile a responsive or adaptive website is key. TouchTribe specialises in front-end development for (mobile) browsers.

De Volkskrant

Android, iOS

The new Volkskrant apps: Gamechanger in digital publishing

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Windows 8

Higher conversion rates and happy customers with the Windows 8 app

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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, iOS

Interactive cross device experience in the real world

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Omron Opad


The ultimate sales representative tool bundeling inch thick brochures, CRM entry and presentations into one app

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Android, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, iOS

Creating a seamless cross platform experience to boost conversion

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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

The challenge: implementing a new design into existing HTML and simultaneously optimising the site for mobile use

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Front-end Developer


Front-end developer


App developer

Olga B

Front-end Developer


Front-end developer


Managing partner


Managing partner

Olga K

Front-end developer

Looking for you!

TouchTribe is expanding quickly, so we are looking for a Front-end developer with a passion for mobile. This position requires an extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and more
We’re looking for a skilled and motivated mobile app developer. You will be working on high-end projects for (inter)national top clients in a fun and stimulating more