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Nationale Nederlanden

Quickly connect systems via cloud native integrations on AWS.

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) is a financial services provider that has been active in the Netherlands for 175 years, providing insurance, pensions and banking services to over 6 million private and corporate customers. As part of the ING Group, they are active in 20 countries. They partnered with IndieCampers, a Peer2peer platform for renting motorhomes in 14 European countries, founded in 2013.

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  • Rapid development phases

    We like our customers to be able to get started with the desired product quickly. In this case, the time until the first MVP was 1 month. Therefore, a fast development process was needed.

    In the explore phase we aimed to gather as much information as possible about the wishes of the final product. We also obtained a lot of know-how on the technical and functional level, so that our technical solution could be clearly described in an architectural plate.

    The development phase started right after that. In the first development sprint we built the MVP based on the features specified by NN. This MVP then went through an extensive User Acceptance Test (UAT) process in which both the happy and the unhappy flow were extensively discussed. This involved looking at desirable and undesirable customer journeys through the platform. In this way the usability of the platform was optimized.

Technical implementation of AWS

NN would of course like to sell as much insurance as possible, this is only possible if the systems of IndieCamper and NN communicate optimally with each other. NN makes extensive use of AWS technology, so we developed this application on AWS via Cloud Native. When a customer takes out a policy, this data is stored in an S3 bucket (Simple Storage System). This event triggers a Lambda that causes this data to be shot into NN's API. As soon as NN approves the policy, the same API is used to send the information back to the S3 Bucket where IndieCampers can retrieve the status updates. This way, everyone stays up to date on the insurance policies they have taken out!

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Optimal insurance

In addition to the link with IndieCampers' system, it is important for NN to 'connect' with more platforms in the future. This will enable them to offer their insurance policies to their future customers in the best possible way in as many places as possible.


A link that connects different systems and shares all data in real-time. This workable MVP was realized within 1 month and is currently in further development.

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    Within 1 month, the MVP system link was launched via a Cloud Native integration layer hosted on Nationale Nederlanden's AWS account.

  • Connection

    Further development

    In addition to IndieCampers, other platforms can also link. We also add functionalities such as: creating and updating clients, policies and statuses.