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Unrivalled B2B & B2C experiences

Remarkable commerce solutions for brands that want to lead the way. Whether you operate in B2B or B2C, we develop e-commerce platforms that match your needs and business objectives.

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Touchtribe provides custom ecommerce services
  • Composable commerce

    Why do so many webshops look so similar? We wonder that too. Thanks to headless technology, brands can create unique and distinctive shopping experiences.

  • B2B commerce

    Business webshops, designed for ease of use, to serve customers efficiently. Our platforms drive conversion, strengthen brand identity and foster long-term customer relationships.

  • B2C commerce

    For consumers, it is all about the total brand experience: a seamless experience across multiple digital channels, the best service and personal contact which reflects the brand promise.

Touchtribe’s promise

Our unique approach to complex IT environments and legacy systems helps your organization transform into a digital frontrunner. With modern, composable technology, we create platforms in which your brand promise emerges in a seamless experience.

Touchtribe is an e-commerce agency from Amsterdam

How we approach projects

The key to a successful release and continuous development lies in a predictable process. As a digital agency, we enter into a close partnership with your organisation. We work in sprints to be as efficient as possible within budget and planning.

  • Understand

    This is the phase where we get to know each other. We conduct an expert review of the current platform, explore the potential of different strategic approaches, and determine a target outcome. During a tech safari, we establish the ideal architecture and identify focus metrics for the project. We also establish the roadmap and estimate the timeline.

  • Development

    A multidisciplinary scrum team starts with the development and implementation and works towards the first release. The architecture, the conceptual design, and the outcome of the scoping session are the main inputs for the team to start the first implementation sprint. Based on the jointly agreed work methodology, the further technical implementation is carried out using the scrum method.

  • Deliver

    We deliver a platform that meets the latest technical standards and highest scores on search engine performance KPIs such as Google. Our specialists work closely with the content managers to ensure they are comfortable using the new CMS.

  • Scale & Perform

    With the launch of the new website or e-commerce platform, the first step has been taken. Depending on the roadmap, we continue to develop new features and functions and ensure your platform performs optimally for conversion.

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Frequently asked questions on e-commerce

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about e-commerce. Is your question not there? Get in touch with us.

Why should I choose composable architecture?

Composable architecture is a flexible way of putting together digital platforms. It allows you to merge different systems and applications to create specific functionality. This enables you to respond faster to changes and new possibilities, without having to overhaul the entire architecture. It also makes it easier to integrate new technologies and make different systems work together.

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