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One platform for the motorhome traveler community

Campercontact is a large, up-to-date collection of places for travelers to go with their motorhome. For and by motorhome owners. Campercontact is already the largest in the Netherlands. Together we have redesigned the platform, so Campercontact is ready to conquer all of Europe.

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Because one journey is not the other

Those who travel with an RV are free to go wherever they want. But whether you are planning a weekendtrip or a sixty-day journey through Europe, every trip is different. Each purpose requires a different approach. Are you staying at home? Then Campercontact is your place for inspiration and orientation - and we will try to make you feel like being on vacation. When you are on the road, you use Campercontact with an entirely different purpose. For example, to find a camper place near you.

Kamperen aantrekkelijk voor alle leeftijden

Attractive for all ages

It is no news that vacations with the camper are popular among older generations, but did you know that more and more young people are traveling with a camper? To appeal to such a broad target group, the renewed Campercontact is easy to use and has been given a modern look and feel. During the design process we tested everything extensively, to make sure that at the end of the ride a future-proof platform was created which can be built on for years to come.

Trip detail campercontact
Campercontact interface detail trip

Inspiring journeys

Who are the best people to go to for amazing RV trips? The motor home owner himself! The users already made their own travel guides and Campercontact offers them as well. For this future feature we have searched for similarities between the itineraries of users and the itineraries Campercontact offers itself, and put them into one inspiring format. Because of this unity they are easy to understand and to save, so in the future the Campercontact user can be optimally inspired and the vacation fun can be even greater.

Toevoegen review campercontact

A helping hand

Previously, information often came to Campercontact incorrectly. German reviews for example. They rated a location with a '1', while the content of the review was positive. This required many manual corrections. In the new Campercontact we therefore give the user a bit of help: What does one star mean? Or five? And what can you write about in a review?

Features of the Camper Contact platform

Always complete and up-to-date

Campercontact is always up-to-date and complete. Of course, that doesn't happen overnight. Therefore we encourage users to add photos, reviews and other information. We do this by creating entry points exactly where you would normally find this content. What's left? Guiding the user smoothly through the process. Together with the community we ensure that Campercontact always remains up-to-date. And the user gets an accurate picture of the locations.

A user-friendly experience for volunteers

Campercontact would not exist without its volunteers, who closely monitor new content on the platform. Therefore we also made 'the back end' of the platform as user-friendly as possible - together with the group of volunteers. This way they can work with it!