We build custom shops for B2B, with B2C convenience, so you can serve your customers faster and better.


B2B commerce

Innovative B2B webshops

For retailers, webshops have been an indispensable sales channel for years. B2B organizations cannot be left behind. We build custom webshops for B2B, with B2C convenience, so you can serve customers faster and better.

Touchtribe builds B2B e-commerce platforms with B2C look and feel
  • Typical B2B characteristics

    B2B commerce platforms have typical B2B features that differentiate them from B2C web shops. Think of customer-specific price agreements, management of company accounts and invoicing portals.

  • High perfomance

    In the digital world, every second counts, fast load times and high performance are important. This ensures customers always find what they need quickly. 

  • Development speed

    To remain relevant in the market, a short time to market and rapid development are of great importance. Thanks to the use of modern platforms, such as BigCommerce, we ensure a fast rollout of new features.

B2B webshop development

Our developers ensure that a high-end design becomes a high-end experience for every visitor, while on the back end we build a robust, scalable and easy-to-maintain foundation.

We also provide integrations with third-party systems, such as an ERP, WMS, PIM or OMS. This way, the right information is always available to customers within the B2B platform. No idea what all these abbreviations mean? We are happy to catch you up.

Touchtribe provides:

  • Composable Commerce

    Our developers build your composable commerce platform according to the latest technological standards. We make sure you offer the best customer experience on every touchpoint and are ready to take the next step in your digital transformation.

  • All modern technology

    A modern architecture is characterized by best-of-breed SaaS solutions, which collectively form an agile and scalable platform thanks to excellent APIs. All the benefits of the cloud are standard in this software, making the platform maintenance-free, flexible and scalable. For example, for commerce we use BigCommerce.

Choose composable commerce

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right platform choice. Call Gert at 06-55716180. Or describe in the contact form your current e-commerce situation and challenges.