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Storyblok: Powerful content experiences

The headless CMS for developers and marketers

Storyblok enables organizations to deliver powerful content experiences on any digital platform: webshops, corporate websites, mobile apps and interactive screens. The combination of a visual editor and easily customizable content blocks makes this a popular CMS with marketers. The headless architecture gives the flexibility to quickly build reliable digital platforms.

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  • Visual edit0r

    Storyblok features a visual editor to make on-page changes. This gives your content team a productivity boost.

  • Internationalisation

    With Storyblok, you serve multiple countries and languages from one CMS. This allows you to adopt a content location strategy.

  • No maintenance

    The CMS is provided as software as a service. This means you don't have to do any maintenance or updates. You are always provided with the latest version.

Storyblok as part of your Composable Architecture

Create and organize your content once, then publish it anywhere. The clean data structure allows you to publish content across multiple platforms - from the web to mobile, VR, IoT and more. With preview right in the interface and easy integration options with third party apps, this CMS is a winning solution for any commerce organization.

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Are you looking for a Storyblok partner? Touchtribe is certified Storyblok partner and is happy to help. Call Gert on 06-55716180, or describe your requirements in the contact form and we will contact you within 1 business day.

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What is the difference between Storyblok and a CMS?

The standard content management systems (CMS) available are built around one form of content presentation, namely a Web site. This makes them primarily web publishing tools rather than content management systems. They provide fixed templates of content linked to a presentation layer. Storyblok, on the other hand, has a model where the content is separate from the presentation. This allows you to offer the best experience on any platform: an online store, mobile applications, IoT devices, chatbots, social commerce and all the digital platforms where your customers are. You manage your content in Storyblok, and the presentation can be completely tailored to your needs.

One of Storyblok's key USPs is its visual editor. It allows you to make on-page changes to your content.

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