Voor real estate start-up Unbrick ontwikkelden wij ‘s werelds eerste experience website waar je online je droomhuis kunt samenstellen èn kopen.


Build and buy your dream home online

Real estate start-up Unbrick is revolutionising the Dutch housing market with their innovative approach to faster, smarter, and customised building of (vacation) homes. They specialise in creating modern, sustainable houses that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. For Unbrick, we developed the world's first experience website where you can configure a house online and purchase it directly.

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Premium product, premium experience

The Unbrick website is an experience platform with a focus on providing the best user experience with stunning visuals and animations. The main feature of the website is the interactive 3D configurator, which allows users to custom-build their dream home according to their personal preferences and requirements.

This digital tool gives potential buyers an impression of the layout and design of the spaces and is a great way to visualize a house before making a purchase.

Modular Customisation

To provide a premium user experience, the frontend of the website is fully customised. As Unbrick builds their houses only with the best and most sustainable materials, the same principle has also been applied to the development of the website. Thus, a headless architecture was chosen, where the frontend is separate from the backend, in order to have complete freedom and to create a unique digital experience.

To deliver the website quickly and efficiently, a series of cutting-edge technologies were used. React was used for the front-end, which enables developers to create a modular design that is easy to maintain and scale. Additionally, Next.js was used to render the application on the server side, resulting in faster loading times and an improved SEO.

For the payment gateway, Mollie was chosen. This payment service provider offers a wide range of payment options and has a smooth checkout process. To efficiently manage content, a headless content management system called Storyblok was implemented. This allows content managers the freedom to quickly and easily change and add content to the website.

dreamhouse 3D-configurator unbrick

Designing from the comfort of your own couch

That's exactly what the custom-built 3D configurator does. It allows users to playfully configure a dream home. By combining prefab models with different packages and extras, you can create a unique home, fully adjusted to your wants and needs.

The vector-based animations were developed with ThreeJS, which is a JavaScript library for creating and displaying animated 3D graphics in the browser. This technology is widely used in games, visualisations, and simulations. ThreeJS makes it easy to create complex 3D graphics and animations without requiring developers to have in-depth knowledge of the Web Graphics Library (WebGL).

Because WebGL is a web standard, it uses the GPU of the user's browser. In combination with the vector-based animations, this ensures that the load on the website is not heavy, preserving the overall user experience.

The 3D animations were created in close collaboration with strategy-first design agency Resoluut.

The collaboration with the developers was like a well-oiled machine: every aspect of the configurator was perfectly coordinated and together we achieved much greater results than expected.

Gökhan Kaman , 3D design specialist Resoluut
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Requirements for a rich experience

Unbrick targets a niche market. Their target audience expects the best user experience in combination with products and services of the highest quality. To meet these expectations, requirements have been established that the website must meet:

  • Top-notch user experience on every device;

  • The ability to 3D configure a house;

  • Checkout function and link to Payment Service Provider Mollie

Duurzaam toekomstbestendig platform

Sustainable and future-proof platform

The concept and design were developed by Resoluut. The experience website with headless architecture based on Storyblok is future-proof and provides Unbrick with the ability to easily add new packages and extras to their service offerings.

By giving interested parties complete control over configuring their dream home and making the process fun, Unbrick not only emphasizes the innovation and convenience of its modular approach but also contributes to higher conversions. This way you can order your home directly online after assembling it via the website. This makes Unbrick the first website in the world where you can buy a house online.

Curious? Check out Unbrick's website here.