For Timemoto, a global supplier of time registration systems, we developed a headless e-commerce platform based on Storyblok and Bigcommerce.


Worldwide headless e-commerce platform

TimeMoto is a global market leader in devices for time management systems and offers complete solutions for workforce management, clocking, scheduling, timesheet handling and reporting. In the past TimeMoto only had a product catalog on the Safescan website, the parent company and supplier of money counting and validation machines. TimeMoto had a need for their own brand identity, digital strategy and a modern experience platform. On this newly developed custom platform, customers can find product information of TimeMoto, and place orders through local storefronts. This can be done with the same online account for workforce management, by the use of single-sign-on functionality.

Worldwide Headless e-commerce for local user experience

Headless e-commerce for local experience

In a headless architecture, the front-end of an e-commerce platform is separate from the back-end systems. This gives TimeMoto the opportunity to offer a uniform customer experience, regardless of where the customer is located on the website: the experience platform to gather productinformation or in the webshop to make a purchase.

Content such as product information, currencies, laws and regulations regarding time registration and VAT rules are shown location-dependently to give customers an optimal brand experience in their own language and according to the locally applicable laws and regulations.

A headless architecture based on Bigcommerce and Storyblok CMS is future-proof and enables TimeMoto to easily roll out new storefronts in new countries, without impacting the underlying systems.

Location based content

There are different laws and regulations governing business timekeeping for every country. In addition, the same language is spoken in various countries around the world, but different rules apply. For example, Spanish is spoken in Spain and Mexico. This means that in addition to a multilingual e-commerce platform, region-dependent content elements must also be displayed. Depending on the location of the customer, the correct information on laws and regulations is displayed. Because TimeMoto only delivers to business customers and therefore has to deal with VAT and sales tax, we have developed a custom plugin for Bigcommerce. It calculates the tax in the background during the ordering process based on your shipping address.

User experience is central to Timemoto's products and website

User experience at the core

The TimeMoto platform is fully customised. An all-in-one e-commerce solution was considered, but this did not guarantee the desired user experience. By opting for a headless architecture, there was complete freedom to implement a UX that is consistent with the TimeMoto brand and core values. This is also reflected in the product configurator, which helps visitors to find the right clock, for example based on identification methods or number of users. Also accessories can be added.

Choosing a headless solution gives us a lot of flexibility, now and in the future.

Judith Brugman, International Head of Marketing TimeMoto
Productpage TimeMoto
Cart checkout on mobile website Timemoto

Requirements digital platform

TimeMoto's services and products are intuitive and focused on ease of use. These core values also had to be reflected on the website. The requirements that were drawn up to meet this goal were:

  • Multilingualism to stimulate global sales

  • Application of local shipping costs

  • Validation of local VAT rules

  • Experience and e-commerce within one digital platform

  • Facilitate up- and cross sell through the possibility of content expansion

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature for both the TimeMoto cloud platform and webshop


During a tech-safari with the specialists of Touchtribe, the CMS requirements and e-commerce wishes of TimeMoto were drawn up. A best-of-breed solution was chosen: existing technology that best fits the demand. In this case, a headless architecture was chosen based on the Storyblok with the addition of the Bigcommerce platform. The decisive factor in this choice is that Storyblok has a highly visual approach of content creation.

All of TimeMoto's products are in Bigcommerce, all (location specific) content such as translations, but also the customer-portal and product detail pages in Storyblok. In addition, Touchtribe developed custom plugins and API integrations with TimeMoto's ERP software. Amazon Web Services APIs were used to link with TimeMoto's Identity Provider for the Single Sign On functionality, which means customers only need one account for all digital services. This way, security is guaranteed.


With this website, TimeMoto has a user-friendly experience platform with its own identity. In addition, various integrations with third-party systems offer the possibility of making purchases. With the use of Storyblok CMS and Bigcommerce platform, multiple products and content can be added so that the webshop is always up to date.