Touchtribe developed a customerportal for Milieu Service Nederland

Milieu Service Nederland

Customer portal for best digital service

Milieu Service Nederland is the enterprising waste partner for businesses in the Netherlands. With advanced solutions, the company assists organisations in waste collection, zero waste and circular business operations. Innovation plays an important role. Thus, Milieu Service Nederland built a platform that matches their customers' wastes with the right collector and processor. The goal? To keep as many raw materials in the chain as possible, bringing a fully circular economy one step closer. We developed the customer portal 'MijnMSN' where customers can view and manage services, business information (including invoices and reports) and communication.

Digital functionalities within the MSN customer portal

Backend for frontend (BFF)

Milieu Service Nederland wants to innovate. Customers increasingly demand digital services, from insight into information such as waste reports, digital invoices and insight into the emptying calendar. In addition, customers want to be able to take actions themselves, such as requesting additional services.

As chain leader, Milieu Service Nederland brings everyone in the waste chain together and is the link between organisations on the one hand and collectors and processors on the other. With more than 100+ partners, they are the largest waste platform in the Netherlands.

To bring partner services and customer demand together, we built a backend for frontend in AWS where all data comes in from multiple sources:

  • All back office systems and relational customer data were set up in Mendix by low code agency Webflight.

  • All products and services from local waste management companies come from another datasource.

  • App users need access to all data from the different systems. A Cognito user pool was set up for this purpose, allowing users access via Single-Sign-On.

From the backend for frontend, all data is served via GraphQL APIs in the customer portal 'My Environmental Service'.

All in 1 customer portal 'MyMSN'

There was no possibility for customers to request any issues digitally. For an extra container or an emptying, they had to call the service desk of Milieu Service Nederland. The service employee then placed the request with the executing partner.

To give customers real-time insight into the execution of services, the interface for suppliers (partners) was also digitised. Partners with different technological maturity were connected, from modern API integrations to Excel uploads and manual input. Optimising this process was a key component in improving digital service delivery.

Milieu Service Nederland map overview locations
Requesting empties in the my-MSN customer portal

Features for best customer experience

Milieu Service Nederland focuses on larger companies with multiple locations. All contracts that are signed are tailor-made. To provide the best possible service, the digital customer portal must meet the requirements:

  • Customers must have their own overview and control of their locations and services and contracts taken per location.

  • Insight into collection times.

  • Downloading of emptying calendar, environmental reports and waste overviews.. 

  • Downloading invoices ( were previously mailed once).

  • Customers must be able to authorise users per location.

The portal is built as a PWA, but has a real app 'look and feel'

Daan de Vries, Senior Frontend developer at Touchtribe
Mijn-MSN portal on a mobile device

Customer portal with ‘app look & feel’

The design of the customer portal has been implemented so it feels like using an app. For instance, all page transitions are animated, both on mobile and desktop. In addition, smart responsive features have been added, such as the tab bar at the bottom of the screen where the most important buttons can be easily accessed by thumb under 1 tab.

The portal is NextJS-based and uses the latest development innovations to provide the best user experience:

My MSN portal uses server side rendering for optimal speed

Server side rendering

Server-side rendering (SSR) is a technique in which the web application is rendered on the server and the HTML code is sent to the user's browser. This improves the user experience as content is displayed faster and search engines are better able to index the content. SSR is especially useful for web applications with a lot of dynamic content.

Static site generation Milieu Service Nederland

Static site generation

Static Site Generation (SSG) is a technique that generates static websites from source files such as text, images and templates with a generator. It improves website speed, security and scalability and is cheaper as there are no server costs to run the application.

MSN customer portal uses Client-side fetching for best user experience

Client-side fetching

Client-side fetching is a technique where data is fetched from a server and processed by a web application executed in the user's browser. Client-side fetching can improve the user experience because data can be loaded quickly and the page does not need to be refreshed. It can improve the performance of a web application because the browser can perform data processing. However, it can also pose security risks if data is not secured and processed properly.

Future-proof customer portal

By using the customer portal, Milieu Service Nederland has been able to achieve a more efficient and faster service for their customers. Customers now have real-time insight into the performance of services and can request services on their own. This has led to an improvement in customer experience and increased customer satisfaction with Milieu Service Nederland's services. Milieu Service Netherlands continues to focus on innovation and further improving digital service delivery. This allows them to serve and help organisations even better with their mission: to make the Netherlands waste-free and CO2-neutral.

  • Top 250

    Top 250 Growth companies

    In 2020 Milieu Service Nederland was included in 2020 Top 250 Growth Companies list

  • 20%

    Average annual growth

    From 2016 to 2019, average annual growth of at least 20%