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Cookie Policy

Our website uses various types of cookies. We think it is important to make you aware of your online privacy and therefore we inform you as fully as possible about which cookies we use and for what purpose.
Our cookie policy was last updated on 10 March 2021.

A cookie is a small file that is sent with the web pages of this website and stored on the hard drive of your computer by your internet browser. In these cookies, information about your visit to our website is stored. This enables us to recognize you the next time you visit our website. We process personal data through the use of cookies. When we refer to cookies in the Cookie Policy, this also implies similar (tracking) technology.
Would you like to know more about privacy and the processing of personal data? Then we would like to refer you to our privacy statement.
We can distinguish between two different cookies: functional cookies and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the normal operation of the website. Non-functional cookies are cookies that are not necessarily necessary for the normal operation of the website. This concerns, for example, cookies that are used to analyze website behavior. This enables us to know which parts and pages of the website are popular and where we can make improvements. On we use many different non-functional cookies so we can improve our services.
Cookies to analyze the behavior of website visitors
Cookies for marketing automation
Cookies for advertising

1. Cookies to analyze behavior of website visitors
Touchtribe uses Google Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics to analyze the behavior of website visitors. With Google Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics we are able to analyze website visitors. These cookies give us insight into the number of visitors, how long these visitors stayed on our website, the searches they performed, information about the browser and the countries and regions they come from. We may also use Google Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics to see how you arrived at our website, through an advertisement, search in Google or directly by entering our address. The data collected in Google Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics is used to build a profile. These cookies are placed with each visitor.
For more information on what Google and Linkedin does with the collected data, please refer to the privacy statement of Google and LinkedIn.
To analyze the user experience of our website we use Microsoft Clarity. For this purpose the following cookies are used:
Analytics Cookies
Used to measure speed and is valid for 1 minute.
Used to distinguish between users and is valid for 24 hours.
Used to distinguish between users for measuring web visit and is valid for 2 years.
Stored on the domain, using Microsoft Clarity and is valid for 1 year.
Stored on the domain of Microsoft Clarity and is valid for 1 year.

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2. Cookies for marketing automation

Touchtribe uses Pipedrive for marketing automation. For more information, read the Pipedrive Privacy Statement.

3. Advertising cookies
We use online advertisements to promote our services. We do this in a targeted way to get relevant traffic on our website and not to show ads that are not relevant to you.
We use cookies from Google AdWords to measure how many completed forms we receive on our website through Google ads (we call this: conversions). We use Google's advertising options to advertise on our main web pages. AdWords cookies allow us to understand the scores of these pages. We then use this information to improve ads. Initially, these cookies take place through the search engine. Google Adwords cookies may also be used to display our ads.
With LinkedIn Ads cookies we measure how many forms were filled out by web visitor originating from LinkedIn. This cookie is also used for remarketing. People who have been on our website, can see an advertisement of us back on their LinkedIn timeline.
For remarketing we use Google Dynamic Remarketing. This cookie keeps track of the ads you've already seen and what you've clicked on so we don't show you the same ad again. With this cookie we try to tailor our advertising to your needs as much as possible.

Third party websites
Our cookie policy does not apply to third party websites that are linked to this website. Touchtribe cannot guarantee that these third parties will process your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. Therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy statements of these sites before using them.

Do you have any questions or comments after reading our cookie policy? Then please contact us via the contact form.
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