Touchtribe is certified AWS partner


Amazon Web Services

Touchtribe certified AWS partner

Public cloud has become an integral part of the technology stack of modern organizations. Our developers are specialized in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have all the knowledge to help you further. We guide our clients on their way to a successful and cost-efficient deployment of the cloud.

Advice on AWS?

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right technology choices. Gert at 06-55716180. Or describe in the contact form your current situation and the challenges, we will contact you within 1 business day.

Touchtribe is AWS technologie partner
  • What is AWS?

    AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is one of the world's largest providers of public cloud services. This cloud platform includes over 200 services available to build cloud native applications and new features are continually being made available to benefit organisations. AWS is the market leader in serverless, a way to run applications without worrying about server configurations. This allows us to develop and release applications even faster!

What does AWS mean for businesses?

For many organizations, the key to success is "speed in digital innovation. Amazon Web Services offers many innovative features by default. This allows you to experiment with, validate and implement the latest technologies. This ensures agility and flexibility.

Because of the global infrastructure, web applications are always accessible. Moreover, AWS has extensive automated security features and audit trails, making organizations demonstrably compliant.

Touchtribe builds solutions on the Amazon Web Services platform
  • Licence fees

    AWS operates on a "pay-per-use" model, which means you pay for the resources that are used. Smart use of resources makes budget and cost management easy to implement and manage. So you never pay too much.

  • Security & compliance

    The AWS cloud platform is built to the highest standards for privacy and data security, and uses the Shared Responsibility Model. This model defines the division of responsibilities for security in the cloud between Amazon Web Services and the customer. Touchtribe's developers set up your platform in such a way that you are not at risk.

    AWS is also continuously audited in a number of security and compliance areas such as the various SOC reports and ISO 9001, ISO 27001, for quality management and data security.

Advice on AWS?

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right technological choices. Call Gert on 06-55716180. Or describe your current situation and challenges in the contact form, and we will contact you within 1 working day.

AWS benefits

  • Future-proof & innovative

    By developing applications within the AWS cloud, you have a modern IT architecture that is ready for the future.

  • Scalable / high traffic

    The era of smoking servers due to peak load is over. AWS infrastructure gives the ability to scale indefinitely (if needed).

  • Extensive ecosystem

    In the AWS cloud platform, more than 200 services are available as standard to build cloud native applications.

How do licence fees work in the public cloud?

Many companies use different business applications to manage their processes. Licensing models of software vendors have changed over the years. Where software used to be bought, the monthly subscription model or pay-per-use is now common. 
In many cases, keeping obsolete software in use can lead to unnecessarily high costs. By taking a good look at your current licences and making use of the possibilities offered by the cloud, you can keep costs under control more effectively.

Make costs transparent

Few organisations carry out cost-benefit analyses of the software they use, even though software licences account for a large proportion of the total IT budget. Therefore, map the software used within the organisation. Find out which functionality employees are satisfied with and which applications or features they never use.

Pay-per-use with AWS

The use of a cloud platform always involves costs. AWS works according to the 'pay-per-use' principle, which means that you only pay for what you use. By making smart use of resources, budget and cost management are easy to implement and manage. So you never pay too much.