cloud native onmisbaar onderdeel van een digitale strategie


Cloud native as an indispensable part of your digital strategy

11 januari 2022

Cloud native apps are crucial within a modern digital strategy. But what is cloud native anyway and what are the benefits? We explain that in this blog article.

What is cloud native development?

The benefits of the cloud are many. Often the transition from on premise development to the cloud starts with "shift and elevator": transferring existing applications to a cloud environment. And while you can already make some gains in the accessibility of your applications and reduce the management burden with that, cloud native development goes a step further. We speak of cloud native when the application not only runs in the cloud, but is also specifically designed for it. Developing your applications cloud native provides your organization with even greater strategic benefits, such as: 

  1. Cost savings 

  2. Higher scalability

  3. Better security

  4. Short time-to-market

We'll explain these benefits to you so you can see why cloud native can no longer be absent from your digital strategy.

cloud native onmisbaar onderdeel van een digitale strategie
Gert van Vliet is managing director at Touchtribe

Gert van Vliet

Managing director


Save costs through out of the box infrastructure

One of the big advantages of cloud native applications is that you can save costs by using the infrastructure and architecture of the cloud provider. We call this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Because you use the infrastructure of the provider, as an organization you no longer need to spend time maintaining the infrastructure. It is also no longer necessary, for example, to call in a DevOps team to do server configurations.

Cost savings through pay per use

In addition to the cost savings from IaaS, you can also save costs in the cloud because you only pay for the services that you actually purchase and use. This so-called 'pay per use' model does ensure that you have higher costs when your application is used a lot, but also that you have hardly any costs at all when the cloud native application is not used. In a traditional situation, an organization would purchase the same server capacity day and night and pay the full rate for it.

Scalability of Cloud Native app

Cloud native applications make use of horizontal scaling. This means that the application automatically scales up and down when it is used a lot or very little. Is it very busy on your platform? For example, on Black Friday when you want to process as many orders as possible in the shortest time possible?Or when your insurer has to process a lot of new registrations in a certain short period? Then the application will automatically scale with the new traffic. However, the e-commerce platform used must be built for high numbers. When this is the case, issued such as loading times or downtime are a things that belong to the past. In fact, you are guaranteed uptime when your organization needs it the most.

No worries about security

When you develop your organization's applications cloud native, security is easy. Because you use the serviced provided by the cloud provider, you immediately reap the the benefits of all the efforts they have already made in the field of security. The services of the cloud provider are often used by governments and enterprise organizations. For these organizations, it is of the utmost importance to guarantee the safety of data, which is why the cloud provider is obliged to comply with all laws and regulations for the protection of data. Therefore, you will find that all services of cloud providers comply with all major certifications and ISO standards in this area.

Short time-to-market and faster business goals

By developing applications cloud native, you shorten the time-to-market considerably. Because you use many standard functionalities that are already in the ecosystem of services of your cloud provider, you no longer have to develop them yourself. You only need to configure them so they fit your application. This allows you, as an organization, to focus on developing the business-critical functionalities that ultimately make your organization unique. Because the cloud provider also keep its own services up-to-date, you no longer need to pay any attention to this.

Cloud native ensures digital innovation

By developing your applications in a cloud native environment, your organization will be ready for the future. Not only can you effortlessly process large amounts of data, you can also develop new functionalities. The ecosystem of services of cloud provider that developers can use is constantly being expanded. You can see this at AWS, for example. Since the foundation of AWS, 200 new services have been added and they provide services in 24 regions. In doing so, they facilitate global expansion of organizations. And the number of services and regions is only increasing, so your organization can also benefit enormously from innovating your services.

Want to know more?

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Gert van Vliet is managing director at Touchtribe

Gert van Vliet

Managing director