We helped Spaces create their digital platform. All office spaces around the world are easily found using a powerful search function.


Office spaces with international allure

Who says inspiring co-working places, says Spaces. We help the company with the realization of their digital platform. All office spaces around the world are easy to find thanks to a powerful search function. Not just in English, but in dozens of languages.


Personalized search

By combining Spaces extensive user data with our design expertise, we discovered that the search function needed a serious facelift. The search function we designed makes suggestions that seamlessly connect to the user's needs. For example, showing possible workplaces nearby based on the user's GPS location.

Spaces case

Streamlined conversion

In addition to the search function, the registration form was also found to cause a significant drop-off in conversion. This form is the important final step in the funnel for Spaces to get valuable leads. The new streamlined form offers a clear proposition to the user, and delivers more results with fewer input fields.

About Spaces

The way people work is changing worldwide. Better conditions, less travel time, being able to decide when to work; several reasons why freelancers, as well as larger companies, are turning to flexible working and coworking. Spaces has positioned itself firmly in this expanding market over the past year. With the most recent expansions, there are now over 300 different locations in almost 50 countries, and counting, with almost 2 locations per week. This means that we also had to scale up digitally.