For the Huishoudbeurs, we developed an app that was used by 235,000 visitors


Everyone's a winner with the Huishoudbeurs App

Every big event needs an app. It was no different for the annual Huishoudbeurs (Good Housekeeping Fair) in the RAI. We took on the challenge of creating the ultimate tool for visitors during the fair.

The Huishoudbeurs

The annual Huishoudbeurs (Good Housekeeping Fair) is on the agenda of many Dutch people months in advance. The event in the RAI Convention Centre is the perfect showcase for the latest household trends. Exhibitors with all kinds of products, various shows, demonstrations and lots of workshops. A total of 235,000 visitors attend each edition.

The app really gave us the feeling of the Huishoudbeurs. It was great to see how much enthusiasm it evoked among visitors and retailers. Mission accomplished!

Hendrik-Jan Griffioen, Business Incubator Manager bij RAI

235,000 visitors: 1 app

The assignment was clear: the Huishoudbeurs deserved more than 'just' an app. As a visitor, you obviously need to be able to quickly check the stand where the cool workshop is being held. Or which hall the competition is taking place in. But it also needed to contain a game element. And a handy FAQ. And, of course, it had to be easy to navigate and run


The number of users was the biggest challenge from the start. But thanks to smart technical solutions, 300,000 visitors a day were no problem. Even the peak moments (2000 requests per millisecond) turned out to be perfectly feasible.
We achieved this with quasi-static data in the app, which allows for faster feedback. For images we provided a link to an Image CDN (Content Delivery Network). This way we could use the backend to handle the business logic. With a few distributed load tests for different scenarios before going live we knew how many users the application could handle.


Reusing existing components as the basis for new apps. The epitome of recycling. A reusable backend that forms the basis for the Huishoudbeurs app and at the same time for many more. With the arrival of the Huishoudbeurs app, we also laid the foundation for every conceivable RAI project. This common backend is already being used for the development of apps for various B2B exhibitions (Interclean, Intertraffic) and ensures that delivering a new, matching app does not have to take longer than a week to build.


In the first 2-3 weeks after going live, the Huishoudbeurs app had already passed the 50,000 download mark. The reactions were also satisfactory. The app was visually well-received and praised for its ease of use and many options. It goes without saying that the positive reception resulted in a modest kick.

  • 50.000


    In the first 2-3 weeks after the app went live, we had already passed the 50,000 download mark.

  • 235.000


    The Huishoudbeurs attracts huge numbers of visitors every year in just a few days.

  • 1

    Dutch Interactive Award (DIA)

    This app won the first price at the Dutch Interactive Awards in the activation category.