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Headless commerce

Offer a distinctive shopping experience

Why do so many online stores look so similar? We wonder that too. With headless commerce technology, brands can create unique and distinctive shopping experiences. We build headless commerce platforms that make brands ready for the future.

Developers in overleg bij Touchtribe
  • Commerce as a service

    Our commerce as a service solutions based on BigCommerce and Shopify Plus provide flexibility, agility and the right integrations with your application landscape.

  • Omnichannel instead of multichannel

    Thanks to a headless architecture it is possible to give visitors an integrated customer journey across all touchpoints. From website and app to physical counter.

  • Better performance

    For the presentation layer of your website, we choose the most appropriate technology. We are not bound by fixed formats or plugins. This wat we ensure that your website has the look and feel you have in mind.

Touchtribe provides

  • Headless development

    Our developers build your commerce platform completely according to the latest technology standards. We make sure you can offer the best customer experience on every channel and are ready to take the next step in your digital transformation.

  • E-commerce CMS

    With headless API-first commerce platform BigCommerce, we set up the ideal experience for you, and for your users. BigCommerce is offered as SaaS Platform. This means that you always have the latest software and expensive upgrades belong to the past. This commerce solution connects seamlessly with other applications, such as product information management software.

Ready for headless commerce?

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right platform choice. Call Gert at 06-55716180. Or describe in the contact form your current e-commerce situation and challenges.