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Scalable platform with 20,000 items in 13 countries

OSG Europe has been one of the largest manufacturers in the manufacturing industry for many years with more than 200,000 drills, cutters and other types of tools. Their ambition: a scalable e-commerce solution that can grow with the business and has a short time-to-market.

  • OSG Europe challenges

    OSG operates in 13 European countries and has a unique content manager for each of these countries who manages a unique webshop. Therefore, they were looking for a user-friendly solution that would allow the content managers to create a universal 'OSG Europe feeling' with unique content. In addition, OSG has a very large product database with offerings and prices that vary by country. This makes it extra complex to allow the customer to quickly find the desired product.

Time for a new approach

By integrating the CMS into the commerce platform, OSG Europe can now manage content for all countries from one place. This structured the content strategy more, which in turn contributes to the brand. The other challenge for OSG was managing the 13-language product catalog. This catalog was used to manage the webshop and compile offline brochures and catalogs.

osg product detail catalogus detail

Superfast search results

After improving content and product management, attention was paid to optimizing the user experience. The biggest challenge? The speed of the product catalog. The large number of products, variations, and downtime created high pressure on sales staff. To ensure that order data is not lost when the ERP is not functioning, we built a low code middleware. This extra layer guarantees a transaction, even if the system is unstable. Once everything is working again, the transactions are forwarded to the ERP, where they are processed into packages for the customer.

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Every transaction that is completed without a sales employee is gained time for OSG. While orders were previously placed mainly by telephone, they are now mainly handled online. With the chosen best of breed strategy, new countries can be connected in a short time. This way, OSG Europe is ready for the future and their digital visibility will only increase in the coming years.

  • 200.000


    That load super fast and are personalized per customer.

  • 13


    1 backoffice platform with local expressions for 13 countries.