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Is composable commerce the best choice for your organization?

07 maart 2022

Implementing composable commerce is a big step. This step requires a review of your digital strategy, and adjustments to your digital infrastructure. It also often means a significant investment, for example in selecting the right vendors, and training or recruiting employees who understand how to make the most of the new capabilities.

Curious about the whole story of why the future of e-commerce is composable?

Setting up a disconnected back-end and front-end also means more work than implementing a traditional platform. The advantage that developers can configure their front-end entirely as they wish, also means that they will spend more time integrating all those separate components and APIs. Not every organization is ready for that.

An organization that still largely leans on outdated legacy systems, and is not set up for agile working, may be better off investing in getting its digital transformation up to speed first. For others, it's simply not worth the investment of time and financial resources. After all, an organization that sells exclusively through a single channel doesn't need a platform that facilitates rapid and flexible front-end customization.

To assess whether a composable headless commerce platform is the right choice for your organisation, we have compiled a checklist of common goals. The more questions you can answer with "Yes!", the more likely it is that headless is also the best choice for your organisation.

  • We are planning to redesign our website or webshop.

  • We are considering the purchase of a new content management system (CMS)

  • We want more flexibility at the front end of our e-commerce platform.

  • We experience our current e-commerce platform as an increasing limitation in our customer contact.

  • We offer our products or services through more and more different channels.

  • We want to start selling our products directly to consumers (Direct 2 Consumer).

  • We are constantly looking for new opportunities to offer the customer something extra.

  • We want to continuously offer new content via as many channels as possible.

  • We want to offer our customers a unique brand experience.

  • We want to personalise communication with our customers as much as possible.

  • We are going international and are looking for a multilingual solution for our platform.

Get the most out of composable commerce

An effortless purchase in 2022 is a basic requirement for the rapidly more demanding consumer. They increasingly expect their entire customer journey towards the purchase to be filled with practical, inspiring and valuable intermediate stops. Ambitious e-commerce players see the need to offer an omnichannel customer experience behind the rapid rise of things like social commerce, voice commerce, augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence. A complete buying experience that they can continuously improve and enrich.
Touchtribe stands for uncompromisingly creating the best possible digital customer experience. Our founders and staff have years of experience developing leading e- commerce platforms. And with the frustrations that come with the inseparable linking of front and back end. That's why Touchtribe is fully committed to composable and headless commerce. After all, this future-proof architecture enables uncompromising use of all new technological possibilities for valuable customer interaction.  

Creating the perfect customer journey requires a relentless focus on that customer's needs, and on the technological opportunities to respond to them in the most relevant way possible. Unlike many other agencies, we therefore exclusively develop composable headless e-commerce solutions. This focus enables us to translate the enormous potential of headless commerce into a customer experience that really stands out from the competition: more relevance, more interaction, more experience, more engagement and therefore more experience.

In other words: we make the most of composable commerce. Of course, this does not mean that we leave our customers no choice. Touchtribe is part of Makerstreet, the collective of 18 of Amsterdam's very best agencies. Technology, innovation, development, UX, design, data and marketing. We believe in specialism, and in excelling in your own field. Like a headless platform, clients combine those 'best of breed' specialisms as they see fit to achieve the best possible results. This makes our clients the digital frontrunners of tomorrow.