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Composable is the future

Scalable, flexible, and unique customer experiences

A composable architecture enables brands and businesses to deliver the best digital experience on any channel, with the control, scalability, and flexibility content and e-commerce managers need today from their CMS or e-commerce platform.

Advice on composable architecture

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  • Brand experience at te core

    A composable solution allows for the brand experience to be central to digital activities. By using best-of-breed solutions that are easily adaptable to changing needs and technologies, an exceptional brand experience can be created.

  • Solutions that move you forward

    Developing a new website or e-commerce platform is a costly exercise. By choosing a composable architecture, new functionality and systems can also be easily added in the future. This allows the digital platform to grow with the ambitions of the organization.

  • Scale & perform

    When developing a website or e-commerce platform, it is important to consider ongoing development and optimization after the initial launch. By continuously optimizing the platform, performance is improved and it is possible to steer results in line with business objectives.

What is Composable?

A composable architecture allows organizations to benefit from best-of-breed solutions for specific parts of their digital activities, rather than being limited to a monolithic software platform. This allows different software tools and services to be integrated with each other in a flexible and modular way, creating a unique digital solution tailored to the needs of an organization.

For example, an ecommerce platform can be assembled with various payment gateways, business portals, and marketing tools to create a seamless digital experience for customers.

Touchtribe builds with innovative technology

Touchtribe provides

Touchtribe builds composable solutions using modern cloud native technologies in collaboration with strategic partners such as Bigcommerce, Storyblok, and Contentful.

  • Composable commerce

    Why do so many webshops look so similar? We wonder that too. Thanks to headless technology, brands can create unique and distinctive shopping experiences.

  • Composable architecture

    Change within digital business is the only constant. We help brands and organizations make the transition to a composable architecture in order to adapt to change.

Need advice?

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