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Replatform your CMS

Move to a future proof digital platform

Touchtribe enables organisations to realise their strategic ambitions with an innovative headless digital platform. Does your current platform not match your vision? Touchtribe helps organisations to migrate from a legacy CMS or commerce platform to a modern, scalable and flexible digital environment.

Moving to a future-proof CMS?

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right technological choices. Call Gert on 06-55716180. Or describe your current situation and the challenges in the contact form.

Middels replaforming stapt u over naar een modern CMS
  • Unique Experiences

    With a distinctive user experience, visitors become customers and customers become fans. Your customer's browser is our arena.

  • Maximum Control

    We provide the technology, but we put you in control with powerful and user-friendly software for content and eCommerce.

  • Innovative architecture

    Change is a given. More visitors, more channels, technological innovation and better service. We believe in an architecture made for change. API-first, cloud native and headless.

Replatforming: make the right choice for your digital landscape

For digital organisations, innovation is the engine of their growth. Innovation by developing new products, new types of customer service and faster and better service across all channels. Traditional CMS and e-commerce systems are not designed for this level of change. Development is slow, maintenance costs are high and performance is poor.

Does your current platform hinder your organisation's strategic ambitions? Then there is a good chance switching to a modern CMS or commerce platform will make a difference.

Touchtribe provides

Replatforming naar een toekomstbestendig digitaal platform
  • Setting up a clear strategy

    A digital platform is about much more than just technology. It is the embodiment of who you are as an organization. Touchtribe helps create a digital strategy that is fully aligned with the needs of the business and takes into account the constraints of IT.

  • Always modern technology

    A modern architecture is characterized by best-of-breed SaaS solutions, which collectively form an agile and scalable platform thanks to excellent APIs. All the benefits of the cloud are standard in this software, making the platform maintenance-free, flexible and scalable. For example, we use BigCommerce, Contentful, Storyblok and ShopifyPlus.

  • A unique digital experience

    Thanks to this modern headless architecture, we can build unique digital experiences for your customers. By doing so, we help our customers move to the next phase of their digital business.

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The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right technology choice. Call Gert at 06-55716180. Or describe in the contact form your current situation and the challenges.