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Self service portals

Give users full control

The front end user-friendly and intuitive, the back end exceptionally smart. Those are Touchtribe's Self service portals. We help automate business processes, unlock data from mission-critical systems, and digitize customer interactions, putting them in control.

Gated portals

One of the most important features of a self service portal is the login functionality, as user-specific information is usually displayed within this closed environment. The information displayed comes from back-office systems that are not accessible to customers. Think of invoice data or usage information from an energy supplier or mobile phone provider.

Advantages of a self service portal

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  • Valuable insight

    Offering an online portal provides valuable information. This data provides insight that can be used to improve services, develop new services or better anticipate the market in which you operate.

  • Backoffice integration

    Our developers integrate your entire IT ecosystem to ensure that data and processes connect correctly to your customer portal. We do this through APIs and microservices for maximum maintainability.

  • Better customer relationship

    Through the My-environment you are in contact with customers or suppliers at any time and you are able to help them quickly, whether automated or not, or provide them with information.

Need a self service portal?

Get advice on deploying a self service portal from the specialists at Touchtribe? Call Gert at 06-55716180. Or leave a message using the contact form and we will get in touch with you within 1 business day.


Consumers demand convenience and fast information. By offering (business) customers the convenience of a self service portal, they are able to look up their desired information at any time of day, on any device. Think of: order status, communication, or subscription information. Finding the answer to all their questions at any time, via all devices.

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