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Online customer portals

Optimize interaction with a user-friendly customer portal

A customer portal is a professional way to provide digital service to customers and organize sales more effectively. Business processes, data and communication come together in a central location. We develop customer portals where speed and user-friendliness are key.

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  • Improve your customer service

    Using an online customer portal or my environment, you can provide service to customers at any time of the day. These can be B2B customer environments where products can be ordered, portals for making appointments with service providers or contacting customer service. By providing a customer environment, organizations are able to increase user satisfaction and achieve business goals faster.

Customer environments for B2B and B2C

We build platforms that fit the user's needs and easily grow with the organization's ambitions. Both business users and consumers are more critical than ever when it comes to using online services. A fast and intuitive customer experience meets this need. We build customer portals that fully integrate with your application landscape: all relevant data from your business software is available in the portal.

What does a good customer portal deliver?

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  • Customer satisfaction

    • Services are available 24/7

    • The customer is in control of what they purchase

    • You take your service to a higher level

  • Customer Engagement

    • Customers can contact more easily

    • Improved customer communication

    • Services are more accessible

  • Work more efficiently

    • Saves time through streamlined processes

    • Targeted customer communication reduces pressure on the service department 

    • Increases sales opportunities

Request a quote for an online customer portal

The specialists at Touchtribe will be happy to help you make the right technological choices.  Call Gert on 06-55716180. Or leave a message using the contact form and we will contact you within one working day.

Future proof customer portal that can grow with your brand

We build platforms that make organizations unique and fit the needs and wants of your users. This is how we make customers excited to use the portal. For the optimal user experience, our UX designers conduct user tests and develop personas based on your target audience. To achieve this, we work with four technological prerequisites:

  • Microservices

    In a microservice architecture, applications are structured as a collection of services. This approach ensures that complex applications can be developed, tested, deployed and maintained quickly and reliably. This enables us to develop faster and more efficiently.

  • API-first strategy

    Organizations that embrace a technology ecosystem must adopt an API-first strategy. This approach is based on the microservice architecture where these services are accessed through APIs. This ensures that functions and systems are easier to connect.

  • AWS

    Public cloud is no longer a part of the technology stack of modern organizations. The developers at Touchtribe have specialized in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have all the knowledge to help you further. We guide our clients on their way to a successful and cost-efficient deployment of the cloud.

  • Serverless

    A serverless customer portal, which does not involve a physical server at its base, is able to scale up and down endlessly. This without having to worry about the management and maintenance of the servers.